Kult des Mannan

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Kult des Mannan
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Der Kult des Mannan war die organisierte Anhängerschaft des Gottes Mannan.


Der wichtigste Orden des Kultes ist der Order of the Albatross.[1]


Die wichtigsten Feiertage des Kultes waren die Frühlings- und Herbsttagundnachtgleiche.[1]

Bekannte wichtige Werke des Kultes waren Of Sea and Man, Tales of the Albatross, Liber Manann.[1]

Die Regeln des Kultes sind:

  • Obey your captain.[1]
  • It is forbidden to kill an albatross.[1]
  • Do not whistle aboard a ship or within a temple.[1]
  • Whistle gently when sailing on a ship, for it ensures a good headwind.[1]
  • Do not embark on a voyage on the thirteenth day.[1]
  • Nails and hair must not be cut at sea—they are an offering unworthy of Manann.[1]
  • Do not look back to port once you have departed.[1]
  • Do not throw stones at a ship or into the sea.[1]
  • Do not say the word “drowned” whilst at sea.[1]
  • Should you fall overboard, give Manann gold and he will spare you.[1]
  • Wine poured over the deck of a ship will bring good luck, wine poured overboard will bring ill fortune.[1]
  • The first fish caught each day must be thrown back as an offering to Manann.[1]
  • A cat onboard a ship brings good luck.[1]
  • A cat onboard a ship brings bad luck.[1]
  • A woman onboard brings bad luck.[1]
  • A naked woman aboard a ship calms the sea (hence why so many ships have figureheads in the form of naked women).[1]
  • A silver coin placed under the mast ensures good luck.[1]
  • A silver coin thrown into the sea brings death.[1]
  • A gold coin thrown into the sea pleases Manann.[1]
  • A goat hung from the mast of a ship ensures a safe voyage.[1]
  • A beastman hung from the mast of a ship ensures a safe voyage.[1]
  • Do not tolerate the worship of the Shark God (this is the exception to the above rules–this stricture is followed by all worshippers of Manann).[1]


Bekannte Templerorden von Mannan sind: